New “light chip” and CMH technologies replace all existing lighting technologies including LED’s


     Light and Energy International, LLC (“LEI”) is a privately owned company with offices located in Reno, Nevada area.  LEI is a company committed to developing next-generation lighting technology products to reduce energy consumption, heat generation and maintenance costs of lighting components while at the same time providing increased lighting with longer life for bulbs and tube lights.

     Solid state optical electronics (“Light Chips”) are the future of sustainable and efficient lighting technology.  In this technology, rather than use an array of individual light-emitting diodes, each with its own enclosure as with LED lights, the light-emitting pixels are incorporated into what is basically a computer chip.  When a current is supplied to the chip, the entire chip lights up with incredible brightness that is approximately 10 times the brightness per watt of standard lighting products and 37% brighter than LED lights. For a detailed third-party explanation on solid state lighting (“light chips”) please click here. For technical information on Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting please click here.

  • Reduction of electrical power consumption of more than 65% with most standard lights and 30% over LED’s
  • EPA rated lamp life of 50,000+ hours
  • Superior lumen rating of 110 lumens per watt  compared to 80 lumens per watt for LED’s — a 37% efficiency advantage.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe:  No glass, no gases, vapors, or mercury that are all dangerous to our environment.  Chip lights offer a reduced carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction

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