Light Operating Efficiency 10% incandescent; 20% fluorescent 80% 95%
Life Bulbs: 750-2000 hrs; Fluorescent:  up to 20,000 hrs 35,000 hrs 50,000+ hrs or 5 years guaranty
Savings in Electricity 0% 35% Up to 65%
Heat Generation High Low Very Low
Ecologically Friendly No -fluorescents contain mercury, not recyclable Yes – not toxic, recyclable Yes – not toxic, recyclable
Durability Low; glass breaks, subject to vibration No glass; durable and rugged No glass; durable and rugged
Emissions Near IR and UV create heat and UV sensitivity; limits applications where there is heat/UV sensitivity Little IR, no UV emissions No IR or UV emissions
Design Flexibility Shape and heat generation limits applications or raises operating costs Can be fashioned into almost any shape Can be fashioned into any shape
Operating Temperature Fluorescents affected by low temperature; Limited life in hi-heat conditions Operates well in cold and heat Operates well in cold and heat
Light Dispersion Light can only be focused in a closed fixture with a lens Focused light without a lens Models available in a 60 to 120 degree light arc
Lighting Time and Frequent Switching Fluorescents take some time to reach full brightness; ballast causes hum and flicker; frequent on-off switching decreases life Brightens immediately; no ballast used, on-off cycles do not affect life Brightens immediately; no ballast used, on-off cycles do not affect life
Wattage (energy use) Typical incandescent bulbs are 60-100 watts; Fluorescents are 32-40 watts 8 W typically standard; range on tube lights is currently limited A-19 bulbs are 6-10 W for same brightness; tube lights are 14-18 W (up to 23 W for hi-bay use)
Typical Retail Price 60 W bulb, 40cents; 32-40W fluorescent, $3.; BR-30 65 W, $6. 8 W bulb about $12; tube lights $32-$39 depending on wattage; BR30 10 W, $20-$33; no high intensity lights available 6 W bulb about $12; tube lights are $49-$59 (depends on wattage intensity and quantity ordered); BR30 about $25. 


  • Reduces electrical power consumption more than 65% with most types of lights with a 37% reduction over LED lighting
  • EPA rated lamp life of 50,000+ hours
  • Superior lumen rating of 110 lumens per watt compared to 80 lumens per watt for LED’s resulting in a 37% efficiency advantage of solid state lighting over LED’s
  • Environmentally friendly and safe: No glass; no gases, vapors, or Mercury, which are dangerous to our environment.  This leads to a reduced carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Operates at a maximum of 120° F:  Cooler than High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights (530° F) and 120° F cooler than fluorescent lights.  This further reduces electrical consumption by reducing the amount of energy needed for air conditioning in environments such as casinos and cold rooms.
  • The “tube” light (which replaces fluorescent tubes) uses a universal voltage input of 100-277 VAC so that it can be used anywhere.  It has an internal driver so no external ballast is needed, thus saving the cost and time of replacing ballasts.  It also has no “hum” or flicker found in standard fluorescent lights.  The angle of light from the tube can vary from 60 degree to 120 degrees when purchased from the factory.