The lights currently offered by LEI for fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and their replacement all use the newest solid state lighting technology.  Eventually, the vast majority of the lighting products we offer will use this solid state lighting technology.  In our quest to be a full-service supplier of lighting technology to satisfy all of your lighting needs, we also offer products that use the latest state-of-the-art LED technology and other technologies such as ceramic metal halides (CMH).  Many of these LEI lighting products are currently not available from other suppliers of LED lighting.



Most of these lights have the following certifications:


These “tube” lights are the ideal replacement for fluorescent lights in all applications.  The high wattage version (23 W) can even be used in place of expensive and heat-producing “High-Bay” lights in warehouse lighting where the lights in the ceiling are 18-25 feet above the floor.  All of these lights have very long life and are guaranteed for 5 years or 50,000 hours.

LEI tube lights have the following advantages over fluorescent lights:

  • High light output reduces cost through less electrical usage.  The 23 W bulb has documented applications (data available on request) in which four (4) of these tube lights replaced six normal fluorescent lights in a fixture and still produced the same amount of light (in lumens) as the original six fluorescent lights.  Not only was the need for bulbs reduced by one-third, a major cost savings, but, additionally, the electric consumption of the tube lights was 30 % less than the standard fluorescent lights, thus saving additional cost.
  • Convenience.  Models of certain tube lights are available that can be put into a standard fixture where a ballast is already present, avoiding the cost of the one-time conversion to bypass the ballast
  • Cost Savings.  Most models do not require a ballast so the ballast can be bypassed in the fixture.  This saves electricity as most ballasts consume about 8 W of power.  Tube lights also save replacing ballasts in both the costs of the ballast and the maintenance costs in replacing those in locations where it is difficult to reach the fluorescent fixture.
  • Ease of use.  These Direct Replacement lights mount in standard fluorescent fixtures with no modifications.
  • Safety.  These “tube” lights consist of a hollow plastic tube in where a row of small “light chips” have been installed.  There is no hazardous glass, phosphorus powder or mercury contained in the LEI tube light so there is no danger or environmental impact as there is when a standard glass fluorescent light breaks.
  • LEI T5 TUBE- Direct replacement
  • LEI T8 TUBE – No Ballast Required
  • LEI High output solid state Tube Light-23 W
  • T8 Tube Lights for T5 Fixtures (New)
  • Microwave Radar Intellisense T8 Tube Light

This tube light has a built-in motion detector. When motion is detected the light operates at full power (e.g., 18W). When no motion is detected for a 30-second period the light dims to approximately 20% of the full wattage of the light (e.g., 4W in the case of an 18W light) and stays at this level until motion is detected when the power is immediately raised to the full power of the light. This saves 80% of the electricity used if the light were to stay on all of the time at full power.



Solid state optical lighting is the replacement for the standard A-19 bulbs commonly used in most lamps and many lighting fixtures.  Bulbs screw in directly into any fixture where a standard bulb has been used.  These lights have very long life and are guaranteed for 5 years or 50,000 hours.

There are two major types of products for replacing incandescent lights:

A.   Regular and budget-series replacements for the A-19 bulb.  There is great flexibility with these bulbs because they come in several different wattages so a broad range of applications can be covered.  The main advantages of the LEI bulb lights over the standard bulb lights are:

  • Direct costs savings through less power consumption:  The LEI light uses almost one-tenth the wattage of an incandescent bulb to supply the same amount of light.
  • Indirect costs savings through reduced heat:  The LEI light stays at just above room temperature so it will not burn when someone touches it.  Also, because of the low heat emitted, in situations where there are a large amount of standard bulbs used giving off a great deal of heat, using the LEI lights will reduce the heat and, thus, reduce the amount of electricity needed by the HVAC system.

B.   The A-19 bulb with a built-in motion detector.  The advantages of this light are:

  • Cost savings because the LEI motion detector bulb is less expensive than putting in a permanent motion detector for each device containing a bulb.
  • Cost savings because the bulb only lights when motion is present.  These are ideal in applications where the bulbs may be left on for long periods when no motion is present, such as in hotel rooms and storage rooms.  This will also extend the life of the bulb.







The LEI lights replace the traditional BR20/30/40 and PAR 20/30/40 “can lights” used in many indoor ceiling applications.  They save money by using both less electricity and producing less heat.  These lights have a very long life and are guaranteed for 5 years or 50,000 hours.

The light contains a microwave motion detector. It will automatically illuminate when motion is detected within 30 feet (10 meters) and turn on a recording camera which will then turn off after a user-set time interval. The miniature camera records images with a range of 200- 3 million pixels and had a memory capacity of up to 32 GB. Images files can be saved by Wi-Fi to the cloud, downloaded to your computer, mobile phone of PAD.



These lights are designed for commercial, industrial and public safety use.  There are two primary types of savings and other advantages with the LEI products:

  • Direct Cost Savings.  They use less electricity than the high pressure sodium or metal halide types of light, thus reducing operating costs.
  • Indirect cost savings.  Because of their long life, they reduce annual maintenance cost of having to be replaced more frequently, especially in applications, such as street lights, where special equipment is necessary to access the lights for replacement.


GrowLightsLEI_Grow_Lights LEI_Grow_Lights+





These lights are use mainly indoors in greenhouse applications, especially for hydroponic growing, where the plants are given a constant amount of continuous light which usually consists of one or more wavelengths of lighting ideal for rapid growth of a particular plant.  LEI lights have many advantages:










LEI carries a variety of lights that are used in different applications.  If you need more information on any of these lights, or do not see a particular light that you need, please contact LEI because the company may be able to make a specialized light for your particular need.